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Hair Mechanix in Jacksonville, FL is a fun, MALE-friendly place where men get what they deserve. Built by guys for guys and powered by better girls. The attentive and talented staff offer all current and vintage hairstyles. The barber shop is lined with big screen TV's and photos covering the walls, along with rock music on the speakers. Also, you can sit back and relax with a complimentary beer. Each haircut includes a wash and hot towel neck shave. Hair color and waxing services are available as well. It's certainly a man focused experience. Locations in Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

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Seth Ouk
Seth Ouk
22:01 20 Jun 22
I have frequented this salon, definitely some talents there; however not consistent. The hair cuts are ok, nice fade but not the greatest that I'm accustomed to like at Set-N-Trend barber shop on Emerson. I use Mechanix because of it's convenient location to more
Jim McDaniel,DC
Jim McDaniel,DC
09:58 17 Mar 22
I can’t say enough about Jackie. After having the same hair style for over 30 years I was looking for a change. I told Jackie that I didn’t want to try and look like a 20 year old but wanted something a bit more contemporary. She was very meticulous and was able to deliver a new look that is perfect. Clean, professional and very age appropriate for this 56 year old! Thanks for bringing me out of the 1990’ more
Artie Farrell
Artie Farrell
16:00 20 May 22
I think I had *Alex* cut ✂️ my hair.I would definitely say that, like, she did a pretty good job on my head yesterday!I am kinda losing my hair up top,,, and she Made me look Spiffy!I got a cool, little, short haircut 💇‍♂️ thank you to Alex, 👏🙌I'll probably most likely go back to HAIR mechaniczzz!read more
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez
00:01 26 May 22
Although Brittany is not very punctual and is rarely on time she does the most okay haircuts around. Although she leave hairs behind your ears she still isn’t the worst but still not the best. You definitely can do better but she is alright. Naw but for real she is the best book with more
Marlo Abraham
Marlo Abraham
17:11 30 Jan 22
This shop has an amazing atmosphere and decor. I am a huge fan of the all women crew and love the fact it’s set up like a Mechanic’s Shop. This shop has an amazing crew, all are very professional and inviting. To be honest the only reason I am here is because I followed my barber (Jacklyn Foster) here, she has an amazing cut and I would recommend her to anyone. She does the cuts for my boys as well. I am in this shop once a week for a touch up (have to stay fresh) it’s crew and mainly Jacklyn are the reason I keep coming back happy to see everyone. If you need a cut, trim, coloring, line up, eyebrows, or close shave done come to this more
C A Rollins
C A Rollins
13:29 18 Aug 22
This place was great. They take walk-ins but I suggest making an appointment. Good atmosphere. Bright clean salon.
Ryan Soots
Ryan Soots
12:46 15 Oct 22
I have only had good experiences at Mandarin Hair Mechanix. I usually walk in during the week or make an appointment for the weekends. All the barbers I’ve had were good. I space is nice and very trendy. I have checked out a few other spots and I will continue to go here. It doesn’t beat if you have your favorite person somewhere that does it just right for you but it is great to find a new person or if you don’t mind trying new more
Kelley Hoover
Kelley Hoover
00:26 13 Oct 22
Love the vibe here. Prices are great. My fiance and our son go here. I got the chance to take my son in this time. We made an appointment and were taken care of quickly. He was happy with his cut. We will more
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