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Our goal with DailyBarber is to create the best site for all barber shop related information. We continue to seek out and add barber shops to the site, while adding more unique options to filter through their features, so you can find the perfect spot.

We don’t want to be a Yelp knock-off, and we’re focusing on providing a better overall experience. DailyBarber is still growing, but we’re passionate about this project to shine light on great barber shops.

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By creating an easy profile on DailyBarber, you can better show off your business and talents. You can start building a reputation in the community, and hopefully establish yourself as a high-quality location. 

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Looking to hire a barber? Or looking to get hired? Why not combine everything in one place and make it easier for everyone? Well, that’s the plan. 

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There aren’t many ways to recognize a barber’s talent. But, that’s what we want.

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